Sterling has a wonderful school yearbook that showcases our students from PreK through 12th grade!  Our yearbook is organized each year by our Journalism elective students and Yearbook Advisor!  This elective is open to students in 7th grade and up.  

Student Portraits:

Individual student portraits for the yearbook will be organized by Sterling in the fall semester to be taken with our school photographer.  New student portraits, retakes, and class photos will be taken in the spring.

  • Check the Sterling online calendar and school emails for upcoming fall and spring portrait dates including retakes.
  • Fall Photos: Individual student portraits, faculty/teachers, retakes
  • Spring Photos: Individual student photos (new students and retakes), Group Class photos (grade-level and class photos)
  • Sports Photos (individual and team photos): organized for all sports teams, date organized by Athletic Director

Yearbook-Ordering Information:

  • All yearbooks will be PRE-ORDERED via the Balfour website only.  The yearbook is not included as part of the family tuition fee this school year.  
  • Yearbook Pricing:  $30.00 until 2/15/23- After this date pricing goes up to $35.00  

Click Here To Order | Balfour 

Yearbook Delivery:

  • Yearbooks arrive at the end of summer, this allows for our spring activities and senior graduation to be showcased in the yearbook.
  • Yearbooks will be available for pick-up at the "Meet the Teacher" event before the new school year starts.
  • You may purchase additional copies at this event (limited supply).
  • To arrange for pick-up of your yearbook after the start of the school year, contact us at

Senior Ads:

  • Honor your senior with a senior ad in our yearbook
  • Senior Ads $25.00 until 12/31/22 - $30 until 3/15/23
  • Payment Deadline: March 13th
  • Completed Ad Due: March 31st

Shout-Out Ads:

  • These ads can honor your student, friends, favorite teacher, or awesome coach!
  • Available for students in PreK – 11th grade to purchase.
  • Pricing: $10.00 until 12/31/22 - $12.00 until 3/15/23
  • Deadline to Purchase: March 13th
  • Completed Ad Due:  March 31st

 Submit Yearbook Photos:

The yearbook class invites students, parents, and teachers to submit photos for the yearbook.  We need great shots of our school events, sports teams, and Sterling students just having FUN!  Our photographers can't be everywhere, so help us get as many photos as possible to create a terrific yearbook.

Submit photos early and often!  The yearbook class will be regularly completing pages, so get your photos in ASAP!

Last Day to Submit Photos:  April 30th (Graduation photos can still be submitted until May 18th)

Two Ways to Upload Photos:

  • ImageShare App: Click HERE for PDF Instructions to download app and upload photos straight from your phone. (app available for smart phones)
  • Balfour Website: If you take photos with a handheld camera (i.e. Canon Rebel, Nikon, etc.), you may want to upload the photos straight to our yearbook website. Contact our yearbook advisor via email to obtain the website and login information.
  • Last Day to Upload Photos: TBA

Photo Labeling Information:

ALL PHOTOS MUST BE LABELED WHEN UPLOADED!  Photos NOT labeled may not be used in the yearbook.  Our yearbook staff does not know every student in every grade level, so please help us get your student in the yearbook by labeling your photos!

Details that may be included when labeling (not all will be applicable): 

  • Event name (i.e. Festivals, House Events, Class Projects, Electives, etc.)
  • Grade Level (include class A or B if applicable)
  • Sport Name (include grade level of sport i.e. 5/6, 7/8, or Varsity)
  • Date of Photo
  • Names of students (if known)
  • Location
  • Short description (may not be applicable)

 ** FYI:  If you use an older camera phone exclusively to take pictures, some of these photos may not be high enough quality to be included in the yearbook or may be added in a very small size to maintain clarity of photo. We prefer high-quality photos for the yearbook submissions, but we will try to use lower quality photos if we can.

The Yearbook Staff will review all photos and determine final yearbook content.  We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be used in the yearbook.

If you have any questions, please contact the Yearbook Advisor at .  Thank you!