Accreditation & School Profile

Sterling opened its doors to students in August 2008. We began the process of accreditation in October 2011 and hosted the SACS review team in October 2012. The SACS board approved the team's recommendation for accreditation in January 2013.

Sterling Classical School is accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), the largest accrediting body in the nation. Sterling is also listed in the accredited nonpublic school directory published by the Texas Education Agency.

Accreditation means that someone independent of the school is making sure the school is teaching its students effectively. Think of school accreditation as a quality assurance tool. Its purpose is to make sure schools provide quality educations to their students.

Accreditation is important in other ways, too. For example:

  • If a student goes to an unaccredited school and then needs to transfer to an accredited school, the accredited school may not give that student credit for the courses she took at the unaccredited school
  • A college or university may not recognize a diploma from an unaccredited high school, so a student may be denied admission or may be required to take additional or “remedial” classes to make sure she’s “up to speed” with her classmates.


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