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School of Rhetoric

School of Rhetoric

The Rhetoric Stage (High School) is the third and final level of the classical Trivium.  In this stage, a student’s natural desire for self-expression is directed, in an even deeper way, towards those things which are noble, right, pure, and lovely.  Ample opportunities for extensive writing, research, and oratory responses help students learn not just to express themselves, but to express themselves well.

Interaction with classical, Biblical and sophisticated thought leads them not only to discern truth, but also to desire truth. Students read many of the great books often reserved for college-level students; discuss theology, politics, ethics; write and defend thesis; develop higher level mathematical reasoning; and design and report the findings of some of their own scientific experiments.

Students traverse the School of Rhetoric with advanced academic standards and a spirit of matured character development that takes the student from the start of ninth grade through the end of their senior year. The senior year culminates in a year-long thesis presentation before a board of judges where the student has the incredible opportunity to share and defend, at length, the tapestry of their journey.

Rhetoric students are on campus Monday through Thursday.

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