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From a Teacher's Perspective: Public vs Private School

Mrs. Taggart is one of our incredible science teachers.  She has come to Sterling from a public school setting.  Here are her thoughts on how Sterling is different from public school.

"Sterling Classical School's small student-teacher ratio allows students to receive one-on-one help in math or science.  Large class sizes in public school did not allow me to check on each of my students every day; here I can speak with each student several times during and after class.  I can easily check for understanding and reteach as often as necessary so my students are successful.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching at Sterling is that hands-on, outdoor activities are encouraged. The science classes take the opportunity whenever possible to head outside to launch rockets, search for birds, and learn about God's fabulous creation. Challenging, engaging science labs are possible at Sterling because of the small student- teacher ratio and the classroom behavior expectations. 

At Sterling I am blessed to have the time to  create engaging lessons and teach the entire class period. In public school a lot of my time was spent in meetings about state testing and dealing with inappropriate classroom behaviors. My students are excited to learn and are eager to jump into challenging material at Sterling!"


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