Mission & Philosophy

“... ‘Education is a Science of Relations’, by which we mean that children come into the world with a natural [appetite] for, and affinity with, all the material of knowledge;
for interest in the heroic past and in the age of myths; 
for a desire to know about everything that moves and lives; 
about strange places and strange peoples; for a wish to handle material and to make; a desire to run and ride and row and do whatever the law of gravitation permits.
...In this conception we get that ‘touch of emotion’ which vivifies knowledge, for it is probably that we feel only as we are brought into our proper vital relations."
- Charlotte Mason


Our Vision

is to provide Northwest Austin and surrounding communities with a Christian, classical, independent, college-preparatory school that integrates Charlotte Mason hands-on experiences and complimentary curriculum. It is a school where lifelong learning is dynamically cultivated involving the parent as an active teaching partner.

Our Desire

is to partner with parents in the building of future generations with a Biblical, classical education, which results in passionate seekers of wisdom and knowledge, through Christ, who desire to bring honor and glory to God. Sterling serves students in Preschool through 12th Grade.

Our Model

is to bring an innovative approach to education through the advanced academic format which has students attending classes on campus two or three days a week with the follow through of prepared lesson plans by Sterling instructors at home on the alternate days. This allows the parent to be an integral part of the student's education experience.

Our Philosophy

At Sterling we are unapologetically Christian, teaching from a Biblical worldview. This view is woven throughout all curriculum, and students are encouraged to evaluate all subject matter in light of Biblical truth.

During their time at Sterling, students progress through the three stages of learning called the Trivium- grammar, logic, and rhetoric. This type of education produces well-rounded students who are confident orators, writers, and critical thinkers with defined leadership abilities.

Charlotte Mason
Sterling enhances the classical model of education with the philosophies of Charlotte Mason. Her method of hands-on learning and active student participation brings education to life on our campus.

College Preparatory
Students are prepared for higher education through competitive K-12 curriculum, our advanced academic model, and the development of a well-rounded service and enrichment portfolio. Sterling is accredited through Advanc-Ed, and our students have the opportunity to graduate with 46 college hours.