Order Uniforms

School uniforms must be ordered directly from Land’s End. 

CLICK HERE to go to the Lands' End webpage for our school uniforms.

Sterling's code for Lands' End: 900125121

Dress Code / Attire / Personal Grooming:

At Sterling Classical School, we intentionally endeavor to support growth in modesty, morals and integrity. One of the ways we do this is through the students’ clothing and personal style. While we want them to explore and expand their personal gifts, talents and celebrate their identity, we also want them to learn that real identity comes from within, and is not just a factor of what they “put on”. The dress code at Sterling Classical School is modest and conservative.

 ALL students (K-12th) are required to wear the school uniform daily unless otherwise directed or approved. 

Preschool students do not wear uniforms.

For upper body wear:

Students must wear a collared shirt free from emblems, logos, or other writing (except for the Sterling logo). Only the top button may be worn unbuttoned. Accepted colors include: white, hunter green, gray. Colors should not be extremely bright, nothing that will call undue attention to the student. SCS requires students to have the Sterling logo on all upper body wear.

 General Guidelines:

1. All upper body wear must be tucked in except for girls' shirts that are cut specifically to be worn out.

2. Lower body wear can be ordered from Lands' End, or any store of your choosing, as long as the dress code requirement is met.  Must be khaki or navy.  All lower body wear with belt loops must be worn with a black, brown or navy belt. The length of all skirts, shorts, and skorts must be at the top of the knee.

3. Khaki and plaid jumpers are allowed for girls. Girls must obey the school standard for the length of their skirts/shorts/skorts.

4. All clothes must be neat and clean at the beginning of the day, and may not be torn, have fringed edges, or any other unusual features which will call undue attention to themselves.

5. No clothing shall be excessively tight and form fitting or excessively loose, or be of an immodest design or style. All clothing shall be worn in a neat and modest manner.

6. All students shall wear tied, buckled or appropriately closed shoes at all times. The soles of shoes may not exceed one inch in thickness, nor may the combined sole/heel height exceed two inches. “Wheel” shoes are not allowed at school.

7. All shoelaces must be tied and all buckles must be buckled.

8. Hair must be kept groomed and clean and may not include bizarre coloring or styles and for boys may not be longer than the shoulder.

9. Boys may not wear earrings or other pierced jewelry. Girls may wear earrings; no other pierced jewelry is allowed. Girls only may wear nail polish.

10. No one may wear a tattoo, either temporary or permanent.

11. No hats or other head coverings, such as bandanas, may be worn in the building unless approved by administration.

12. Any article of clothing or item of jewelry deemed to be unusually distracting (due to color, pattern, cut, etc.) is unacceptable for school wear.