Grammar School

Grammar School

The Grammar Stage at Sterling Classical School spans kindergarten to fourth grade. This age group is characterized by their enthusiasm towards learning new and interesting facts. The grammar student enjoys games, stories, songs and projects. Grammar students are very imaginative and creative - they want to touch, taste, feel, smell and see while they learn, which is why the curriculum incorporates these aspects into all areas.

Our kindergarten program exposes students to all areas of history and science to spark their curiosity for more in depth studies as they enter the grammar school. Beginning in first grade,  students will concentrate on a different area of science each year and a different time period of history at an age-appropriate level, with materials designed specifically for their age group.

Each grade level at Sterling looks forward to specific celebrations and events, corresponding with their time period, that are considered "rites of passage" as you traverse that grade. Teachers are able to delve in and perfect their area of study over the years and each grade is known for their time period. Our classes are rich in literature and classroom materials that provide a hands-on learning experience in all subjects.

Teachers aim to teach through a variety of methods appropriate to the student’s age and frame including singing, chanting, recitations, writing, acting, drawing, painting, and building. Presentations, drama, hearing/reading/telling stories and field trips are some of the other techniques used to reinforce coursework.




Field Day

Thursday, April 11, 2024 from 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM