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What is Classical Education?

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According to Gregg Strawbridge, author of Classical and Christian Education, "the roots of classical education stretch back to the classical Greek civilization, just prior to Christ.  Since the early 1990's, the rising movement of classical and Christian education has aimed to recover and develop some of the educational excellence of the past."

Classical education is grounded in a three-fold approach to learning called the "trivium".  The academic categories that make up the trivium are grammar, logic, and rhetoric

The grammar stage focuses on knowledge mastery during the elementary years. The logic stage encompasses the middle school years and focuses on principle comprehension.  And, the rhetoric stage is the high school years and focuses on expression and application. 

Classical education encourages each student to reach his/her highest potential.  There is an emphasis in the humanities, arts, and sciences for a well-rounded education and a solid foundation for life.  Students learn to think beyond subject matter as classical education fosters critical thinking skills.  Integration of subjects helps students make sense of the world; subjects are interwoven in a way that relates all subjects to a whole.  And, because we are a Christian school, scriptural truth is integrated, as well.  

Many parents are looking for a different approach to education.  They know their child is ready for a deeper challenge, more inspiration, and a more powerful method to learning and thinking. 

Classical education is the answer for so many families.  Maybe it's your answer, too.

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