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Experiences from the Bassett Family

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The following is from the Bassett family!  They have three children enrolled in Sterling.

"We started looking for something different when our oldest was in 6th grade at a public middle school.  He was not enjoying a lot of the things that went on at his middle school, nor was he feeling academically engaged or challenged.  We looked at several private schools, but what stood out most about Sterling, to us as parents, was the Biblical worldview across the curriculum, combined with the classical approach to education.  The fact that Sterling incorporates Charlotte Mason into the classical teaching is the absolute perfect fit for our kids.

Our oldest likes the books and engaging conversations in his classes.  Our middle kiddo is excited about the smaller class sizes and the online weekly schedule/lesson plans (Renweb) because he has watched his brother use it and likes the idea of having that organization.  Our youngest is really excited to be challenged and to participate in theater and garden club!

I always tell prospective families that Sterling is the complete package.  We love the smaller environment where everyone knows our kids, and we can feel the  warmth of a Christ-centered community.  School is engaging for our kids again, and they come home excited to share their learning.  Even our middle and youngest (who finished last year in public school) felt they learned so much just during the time spent on their shadow day.  

We couldn't be happier with our decision to switch to Sterling.  All three of our kiddos are very much looking to starting school in the Fall!"

Experiences from a Sterling Family

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The following is from Lisa Graves about her family's experiences at Sterling.

"Jonathan and I knew we wanted our kids to attend a Christian school.  We had looked into some local full time classical Christian schools, and although we appreciated the academic excellence they offered, we also wanted to maintain balanced lives for our kids.  We couldn’t stand the thought of a child going to school 40 hours a week with an additional 10 hours a week of homework.  We felt like there was no time left for church, family, hobbies, or just time to be a kid. 

We stumbled upon the university model of schooling and were pleasantly surprised when we toured Sterling and saw that it was run like a full-time school with classrooms, athletics, and other extra-curricular opportunities.  We also were pleased with the emphasis on academics, the prestigious schools to which recent Sterling graduates had been accepted, and the strong sense of community at the school. 

We love the high quality of teachers and the support we receive, not only when the kids are at school, but on home days as well.  Without any wasted time spent doing busy work, my kids are able to efficiently get their work done on their days at home so that we rarely have homework evenings or weekends.  They love seeing their friends and teachers while at school, and also love their days at home when they get to learn in a more relaxed environment and still have time for supplemental activities and outings. 

They also enjoy the hands-on approach that Sterling takes when it comes to learning.  We feel like we’ve found the perfect place for our family and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  We know our kids are loved, hugged, taught Scripture, are getting a leg up academically, and are being taught life skills such as respect and integrity while at school, and we get to play a huge role in their development with the time spent at home. 

Sterling Classical School is the perfect balance we were seeking!"

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