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About our academics



Sterling's Preschool program is designed to build skills the students need for a strong start in kindergarten. Focused on classroom routines and behavior, academic readiness and fine motor skills, the Pre-kindergarten curriculum uses a variety of activities appropriate to the student’s age and frame. The students enjoy singing, stories, games, drawing, painting, and crafts as they learn letters and numbers, pre-reading skills (phonics), and the new experience of learning in a classroom setting.

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Grammar School

Kindergarten - 4th Grade

The Grammar stage at Sterling Classical School spans kindergarten to fourth grade. This age group is characterized by their enthusiasm toward learning new and interesting facts. The grammar student enjoys games, stories, songs and projects. Our classes are rich in literature and classroom materials that provide a hands-on learning experience in all subjects.


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School of Logic

Middle School

The Logic stage is the second level of the classical Trivium. In this stage, the student’s natural inclination to argue is directed towards productive and good ends. Through such things as the Socratic method, debate, and the study of logic, students are taught to discern truth. Students travel a significant journey through the School of Logic from the start of fifth grade through the end of eighth grade.

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School of Rhetoric

High School

The Rhetoric stage (high school) is the third and final level of the classical Trivium. In this stage, student's natural desire for self-expression is directed in an even deeper way toward those things which are noble, right, pure, and lovely. Ample opportunities for extensive writing, research, and oratory responses help students learn not just to express themselves, but to express themselves well.  The college-preparatory curriculum prepares our students for a bright and fulfilling future.

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