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Jessie  Campbell

Jessie Campbell

Dean of Grammar School

Dean of Grammar School, Jessie Campbell, spent over twenty years in Australia, where she earned her Bachelor degree in English Literature, a Graduate Diploma in Primary Education, and Graduate Certification in Special Education. In Texas, she has her certification in Early Childhood through sixth grade. Ms. Campbell has training in grief, trauma, and loss counseling and also has an additional diploma in Ministry Leadership. She has many years of teaching experience in the classroom, but most recently she has served as the Assistant Headmaster and Headmaster at classical charter schools. She is thrilled to be back in a Christian school where she can openly share her faith. 

Mrs. Campbell spent many years in Australia where she was involved in evangelistic outreach ministry, as well as traveling back and forth to Africa for multiple ministry periods. She was privileged to witness God's glorious work in this ministry. Mrs. Campbell has a son, Aidan, 23, who was born and raised in Australia. He is currently visiting there for a temporary period. Aidan says he misses home, that being,TEXAS! Mrs. Campbell, also has a Frenchie, named Schmunz, who is known as the emotional support dog for the world, just because he adores everyone!